Harvest Fresh Chopped Kale, Spinach and Apple Smoothie!

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Servings 2

Prep. Time 30 mins

Cooking Time 2 mins


-3/4 of 284g bag of Harvest Fresh Chopped Kale
3/4 of 284g bag of Spinach Spinach

    1 medium frozen apple

    1 medium frozen cucumber
1 large frozen banana
juice of half a lemon

    2 cups almond milk
1/2 cup yogurt

    2 tablespoon maple syrup

    1 tablespoon goji berry

    Soak 1 tablespoon goji berry in a warm water for about 30min or until they turn plump and juicy.
    Add 1 cup of almond milk into the blender.
    Add the spinach and kale into the blender a handful at a time. Blend.
    Add yogurt, lemon juice, maple syrup, goji berry, and 1 cup soy milk to a blender. Blend until everything is well mixed.
    Add frozen banana, apple, and cucumber into the blender. Blend everything for a minute, or until the texture becomes smooth.
    Serve immediately.