Harvest Fresh Caprese Zucchini Wraps

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Servings 2-4

Prep. Time 30 mins

Cooking Time

    • 1 Package Harvest Fresh Zucchini Sheets
    • Fresh Mozzarella (we used Fior di Latte, but Mozzarella di Bufala works just as well!)
    • 1-2 handfuls of baby Arugula,
    • Your favourite snacking Tomatoes (we like Roma and Brandywines, but anything works!)
    • 1 cup Balsamic vinegar
    • 1 TBSP Honey (not necessary if you are just dressing with Balsamic and olive oil, see instructions!)
    • 1-2 TBSP Olive oil
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    For the Balsamic Glaze:

    Heat a medium saucepan to medium-high, and add Balsamic and honey.

    Continually stir until mixture starts to boil, and reduce heat to low.

    Simmer for a few minutes until sauce thickens, and the mixture reduces by about 1/2 a cup. Alternately, you can skip the reduction and just use Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil to coat (see below!)

    For the Wraps:
    Slice tomatoes into rounds, then slice once lengthwise and then in half so each piece is about the size of the width of the Zucchini.

    Season with Salt and pepper.

    Slice the Mozzarella similarly, so it is about the width of the Zucchini.

    Lay a Harvest Fresh Zucchini Veggie Sheet flat, and on one end, put 2 slices of tomato, 1 piece of cheese and a few sprigs of the Arugula.

    Roll the wrap once over the filling, and then continue to roll. Take a toothpick and put it in the middle of the wrap to keep it together!

    Drizzle with the Balsamic reduction (or if you prefer just the balsamic vinegar) and a little bit of olive oil and serve!