Roasted Lamb Sandwich with Caramelized Cipolline Onions and Spinach

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Servings 4

Prep. Time 30 minutes

Cooking Time 1 hour 20 minutes


    Sandwich Ingredients

    Caramelized Cipolline Onions

    • 1 bag Harvest Fresh Cipolline Onions, peeled and sliced
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
    • Fresh ground black pepper and sea salt

    Lamb Roast

    • 1 lemon washed and zested
    • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, leaves removed
    • 1 cup chopped parsley
    • 5 to 6 garlic cloves, peeled
    • 1 tablespoon coarse salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    • 2 to 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1 boneless leg of lamb, butterflied, boned, and cut to lay flat (about 3 pounds)

    Garlic Mayo Spread

    • ½ cup mayonnaise
    • ½ cup sour cream
    • 2 garlic cloves grated
    • ¼ cup washed, chopped parsley
    • juice of ½ lemon
    • salt and pepper

    Pickled Cucumbers

    • 1 hothouse cucumber, finely sliced
    • 1/2 Thai Red chile, halved lengthwise, seeded if desired and finely sliced
    • 1 cup white vinegar
    • ¾ cup sugar
    • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
    For Roasted Lamb: Finely chop the rosemary, garlic and mix with olive oil, chopped parsley, lemon zest, salt and pepper till you have a paste. Open up the lamb and lay it flat. Spread and massage the herbed paste evenly over the inside and outside of the lamb. Tie lamb together into a roast. Place in a baking dish and cover, or in a large resealable plastic bag. Refrigerate overnight to marinate, turning occasionally. To ensure even cooking, bring the meat to room temperature by removing from the refrigerator at least one hour in advance. Place on a foil lined roasting pan.

    Preheat the oven to 425°F and roast the lamb for 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to 350 °F and continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 140°F, approx 50 minutes longer. Times are variable and you don't want to overcook your lamb, so be sure to start testing for doneness with an accurate thermometer at the 45 minute mark. Transfer the roast to a cutting board and allow to rest for 15 to 20 minutes before carving.

    For Caramelized Onions: Heat the olive oil in a pan on a med low heat, add the sliced onions and sautee until golden, approx 15 minutes, Once golden add the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, mix to coat evenly and continue sautéing on low heat for another 10 – 15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper

    For Garlic Mayo Spread: Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and set aside to let flavors meld.

    For Pickled Cucumbers: Add the cucumber slices and chili slices to a medium bowl and toss to combine. In a medium saucepan, add the vinegar, sugar, 1/2 cup water and salt. Heat gently, stirring, just until the sugar and salt dissolve. Pour over the cucumbers and chilies in the bowl. Set aside to marinate at least 15 minutes before serving.

    Cut open bun or sliced bread, spread generously with garlic mayo, place several slices of roasted lamb on bread, top generously with caramelized onions and add several leaves of Spinach. Serve with a side of pickled cucumbers. YUM!