Warm, Burning, Sensation

Harvest Fresh Jalapeno Peppers

Scoville level: 1,000-20,000

Spiciness: Hot

Product Information

Jalapeno Peppers were first cultivated by the Aztec long before the Spanish conquests so there is no wonder they are so closely associated with Mexican Culture.
Jalapeno peppers actually turn red when fully matured but they are traditionally eaten when still green for their fresh flavour and mild to medium heat.

Our Jalapenos are carefully graded and checked for imperfections then packed so you know you are only getting high quality, fresh peppers

Enjoy our Harvest Fresh Jalapeño Pepper in your Quasadillas, stuffed Jalapenos, salsas, and more!
Try them sliced and fried or pickled for a great addition to burgers or sandwiches!