Tips to make green smoothies that your children will love

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  • Everyone knows that green vegetables like kale and spinach are good for you and your children. They may improve your children’s nutrition, prevent obesity and may even boost school performance. But, getting them to eat green vegetables can be a challenge.
  • Green smoothies are the perfect way to convince your children to eat vegetables. Here are the tips to make green smoothies that your children will love.
  • Start with more fruits. If your children never had a green smoothie before, you can start with less greens. You can gradually add a little more vegetables each time you make a smoothie.
  • Use frozen and creamy fruits. Add creamy, frozen fruits like banana or avocado for that rich creamy texture.
  • Use a high-powered blender. Using high-powered blender will ensure that all ingredients are blended smoothly to prevent the coarse texture from the fibers in the greens that is less desirable for children.
  • Use a coloured cup for serving. Serve your smoothie in a fun, colourful cup to mask the green color of the smoothie.

(Inspired from How to Make a Green Smoothie Your Kids Will Love by Alissa Segersten: